FTGDW: For the goddamn win. We do it for teh lulz… Enjoy browsing our site full of lulz, wins, fails and more!

Buy a pear here! :http://www.patchtogether.com/store/biting-pear-plush-aka-lol-wut-pear-205.html

Here is the original LOLWUT pear designer: http://ursulav.deviantart.com/art/The-Biting-Pear-of-Salamanca-29677500

1 definition by ftgdw.com

1. FTGDW 16 thumbs up
“For the god-damn win”.When something is of more substance than a simple “for the win”.
Dude, that hottiejust gave me the fuck-you eyes, for the god damn win.Zomg, this beer is for the god damn win.Dude! that was full of so much win, it’s for the god damn win!FTW! FTGDW! Rawr!

  1. Thanks for following my blog. I’ve been having a good chuckle at your fail posts 🙂

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