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Operation BearLove Good, Cancer Bad : Mission Complete

You have beaten the internet… that was the last level…

As promised, here’s the photo of $211,223.04 in cash we raised for charity

Here’s a picture of the duffel bag I carried out of the bank:

Here’s a picture of the cash laid out on a table:

Here’s a picture of me in front of it:

And here’s the photo I’m mailing to Charles Carreon:

Which will be tucked away inside this lovely care package:

Because remember folks …


To everyone who supported the cause:

thank you.

-The Oatmeal


Gun sellers and spoons

gun sellers and spoons

Game of American Thrones

game of american thrones

The Oatmeal vs. FunnyJunk

May teh Lulz ensue! Ā FJ is already being trolololed hardcore, seeĀ check out the comments, haha!

The FJ admin is way out of line for allowing this to happen and condoning his scumbag lawyer to pursue this kind of BSĀ litigation.

Also seeĀ for a nice explanation of what’s going on – here is the rebuttal from The Oatmeal in full:

Trolls will be trolls…The Oatmeal is awesome, original content and I feel bad for the guy, however I suppose he’s getting a lot of publicity now!



Pirating like a boss

pirating like a boss hyman strachman

The president whats you at bedtime?

the president tucks me in at bedtime

Socialism sucks


The At&t Verizon Duopoly

The At&t Verizon Duopoly

Lesbian porn

lesbian porn

Obama talks about killing Osama

obama talks about killing osama comic

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