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Run Mars, run!

run mars run

The tooth fairy

cyanide and happiness tooth fairy

Sinus infections

sinus infections rage comic

Doctor samples

doctor samples they want your underwear

Accurate graphs

things that entertain me things that cause people to go to hell


things i think of when i hear america

things i see what you did there

So much troll

so much troll

I don’t always misunderstand you…

i dont always misunderstand you dos equis guy



Windows file copy dialog visits some friends


windows file copy dialog visits some friends

The Oatmeal vs. FunnyJunk

May teh Lulz ensue!  FJ is already being trolololed hardcore, see check out the comments, haha!

The FJ admin is way out of line for allowing this to happen and condoning his scumbag lawyer to pursue this kind of BS litigation.

Also see for a nice explanation of what’s going on – here is the rebuttal from The Oatmeal in full:

Trolls will be trolls…The Oatmeal is awesome, original content and I feel bad for the guy, however I suppose he’s getting a lot of publicity now!



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